Як видалити virtualbox на mac os

Як повністю видалити VirtualBox з Mac

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Всемогутній експерт з написання текстів, який добре розбирається в проблемах Mac і надає ефективні рішення.

Ми поговоримо про how to uninstall VirtualBox Mac. VirtualBox has become a kind of application that enables users to create virtual computers on your system even without having to remove your operating system runs (OS). Which is really useful. Virtual Machines, on the other hand, swallow up a large amount of storage as well as RAM.

One such guide will assist you whenever you needed to remove VirtualBox off your Mac, such instance, when you are experiencing problems as well as wish to reinstall again, or if you simply want to make more room into your Mac, just like deleting any other unneeded apps. Here you would then see how to uninstall VirtualBox on Mac.

Part 1. Uninstall VirtualBox from Mac Using Terminal

You can implement how to uninstall VirtualBox on Mac using Terminal. Oracle Corporation has so far been presently developing VirtualBox, another freeware, open-source virtualization application targeting x86 systems. Whenever operating, a virtual Machine might consume a significant amount of storage capacity as well as RAM.

How to Uninstall VirtualBox on Mac

Since you are dissatisfied with VirtualBox’s reliability as well as choose to uninstall that with other circumstances, the following tutorial may be useful. VirtualBox includes an uninstalling utility with such a command prompt into Terminal through standard. Figure out where to look for it and how it is used to properly uninstall VirtualBox. Follow on the step-by-step below:

  1. You must first head into your Dock and from there you must right-click onto the application’s symbol icon and afterward choose the option «вихід«. Also, you could make use also the Mac Activity Monitor, here you just solely open the Activity Monitor, then after which you must now choose the process under the name into the list of applications, upon that press on the symbol «X», then press on the option «Quit» from the popup window. Whenever the application failed into quitting, you must try then the option «завершити«Right there into the Activity Monitor.
  2. Thereafter, when it was finally done, you could now proceed on the standard uninstallation.
  3. So, after which you have quit the app, you must do now was to look then launch on the VirtualBox installation files. This is generally stored in the download directory on your Mac. Once you could not locate or perhaps you have deleted these installation files you could now download this once more into the VirtualBox main webpage.
  4. Upon obtaining the file you must now click on it «інструмент».
  5. From that, this would then launch the Terminal application as well it would indeed operate on the command into doing the uninstall VirtualBox.
  6. Afterward, if ever this would then ask for verifications, you must only input on «Yes» then after that hit on the key «Enter».
  7. And whenever this once more asks for additional of VirtualBox’s ads-on, you must just do the same from the previous step, enter on «Yes» for the confirmation.
  8. Whereupon, unless required, provide your Mac’s username as well as the password for the uninstallation process to be successfully completed.

Uninstall VirtualBox from Mac using Terminal

So, that’s how to uninstall VirtualBox on Mac using Terminal. You can see that it is very easy to implement, right?

Part 2. Uninstall VirtualBox Directly via Finder

You can also implement how to uninstall VirtualBox on Mac using Finder. There seem to be several ways available to help you through into the appropriate uninstallation of VirtualBox. Users may use some of these to completely uninstall VirtualBox from your Mac.

There has been one aspect you ought to be aware of while deleting an application. If somehow the program you intend to uninstall has already been operating as well as keeps working throughout the process, you must terminate any operating procedures prior to actually proceeding well with removal. Here’s a step-by-step on how you will do it using the Finder:

  1. You must first head into your Dock and from there you must right-click onto the application’s symbol icon and afterward choose the option «Quit». Also, you could make use also the Mac Activity Monitor, here you just solely open the Activity Monitor, then after which you must now choose the process under the name into the list of applications, upon that press on the symbol «X», then press on the option «Quit» from the popup window. Whenever the application failed into quitting, you must try then the option «завершити«Right there into the Activity Monitor.
  2. Thereafter, when it was finally done, you could now proceed on the standard uninstallation.
  3. Now, you must launch on the Finder, then after which from the side section, you must select on the Applications so that it would then head you over the folder.
  4. After that, you must do now was to look as well as to press on the VirtualBox application, and from there, you must move the app’s icon towards into the Mac Trash and after that, you must drop that app’s icon there.
  5. Once it was required for you to allow this action you must have to do was to input on your admin username as well as the passcode.
  6. Right there, you must click on the Mac Trash and after that, you must empty it to fully complete the procedure.

Uninstall VirtualBox from Mac Directly via Finder

Прийняти до відома: Stay attentive whenever completing the very last stage. Clearing the Trash would delete all of the contents you’ve tossed through into Trash through a flash, and then this action has been irreversible. Check to see whether you deleted that anywhere incorrectly, even before clearing the Trash, you may recover the file by simply right-clicking on that as well as selecting the Put Back button.

Following these instructions, VirtualBox must be uninstalled off your Mac. Unless you encounter any issues or those who are unsure if somehow the program has been properly deleted off your Mac, utilize iMyMac’s uninstaller will delete VirtualBox’s supporting files as well as thoroughly uninstall this app.

Part 3. Conventional Ways to Delete VirtualBox’s Associated Files from Mac

Here, we will talk about conventional ways on how to uninstall VirtualBox on Mac. The conventional way on how to uninstall VirtualBox from Mac is the manual way. Generally, Mac applications were self-contained applications that may be removed simply by dragging and dropping them towards the Trash, however, there are some exemptions.

Several of you might be wondering if such above-mentioned traditional techniques would assist you to delete the related types of files produced by VirtualBox.

While still entirely removing applications on Mac does seem to be considerably easier than it does on Windows, you should still verify to see whether there are other supporting and otherwise preferences files remaining around your hard disk drive ever since VirtualBox has already been removed.

VirtualBox remnants might not have been harmful to further your systems, though they do use disk space. As a result, unless you are absolutely no longer planning to use these VirtualBox, such remains can all be completely erased.

For both Libraries as well as the Settings folders which is where applications save various data and associated files. Aside from all these folders, VirtualBox might spread various components throughout the computer, such as login elements, starting daemons / agents, even kernel modifications. Read the directions below to erase any remnants of VirtualBox off your Mac:

Top Level Library within the Hard Disk: / Library

  1. You must launch on the Finder, from there you should then press on the option «Go» which is located into the Menubar, then after that, you must now choose on the option «Перейти в папку».
  2. Now you must input on the path / Library, which is located in the top part of the hard drive disk, and from there you should now press the key «Enter».
  3. Afterward, you must now make use of the search option to find all of the files which has the name «VirtualBox».
  4. Upon that, you must do now was do click on all the corresponding folders as well as files, then after which, you should transfer each and every one of that files into the option Mac Trash.

User Library within the Home Folder (

    Go over to «Go», then into the «Go to Folder», and from that, you must now input on into the search bar «

Delete VirtualBox

With novice Mac users, manually eliminating VirtualBox residues may have been a time-consuming job. But if you’re still unsure how to erase program remains completely, or whether you want to save energy by deleting VirtualBox standalone with most of its remains, using a professional uninstallation tool might be a good approach than you would get from manual deletion. Now, you have manually implemented how to uninstall VirtualBox on Mac.

Part 4. Fastest Way to Uninstall VirtualBox As Well As Its Related Files

There is a faster way to implement how to uninstall VirtualBox on Mac. Numerous users reported claiming they are unable to uninstall VirtualBox using traditional techniques. That seems to be possible since various users will always have specific challenges based on their system as well as how those that execute the uninstallation.

Fortunately, we discovered a strong, reliable uninstallation tool that works across (at least) the majority of software running under contemporary operating systems.

PowerMyMac’s Uninstaller is a dependable as well as a useful program created for any and all users to uninstall each and every undesirable, troublesome, obstinate, or dangerous software without difficulty. This then features an easy design as well as a strong processor. We evaluated this program as well as found that it can uninstall most VirtualBox features with simply a few clicks.

Деінсталятор PowerMyMac став, по суті, безкоштовним дєїнсталлятором програм, який використовується для видалення програм з такого Mac. В цілому інші більш ранні системні деинсталлятори еволюціонували в щодо корисні інструменти, що дозволяють користувачам повністю видаляти будь-яка така програмне забезпечення, а також пов’язані з ним файли декількома клацаннями миші.

Users would also most probably save a period by actually analyzing a certain sort of app-related information. Maybe you should have realized how effective the entire program would have been in removing many perhaps questionable as well as unneeded files from your Mac? Easily follow the simple methods to remove VirtualBox access through any Mac:

  1. Before you proceed, you should first acquire the Деінсталятор PowerMyMac from its online webpage, installed everything on your Mac, and afterward run it when you have obtained it. Once again to continue, pick a software uninstaller, subsequently actually start the scanning processes to identify all apps which have already been launched into your Mac.
  2. Знову ж, коли метод сканування буде завершено, кілька альтернатив будуть відображатися всередині цифрової системи тільки серед тих, які вже знаходяться навколо крайній лівій області, з чогось, що ви можете вибрати все, наприклад, Невикористані, Всі додатки, Вибрані, а також залишки.
  3. Виберіть програму, яку потрібно видалити з цього списку. Після цього виберіть розгорнутий значок, щоб вивчити пов’язані файли, але також, нарешті, натисніть значок пошуку, щоб дізнатися більше. Після цього натисніть «очищуванням», І все програми, включаючи всі пов’язані з ними дані, будуть повністю вилучені.
  4. Після цього ви надасте спливаюче повідомлення, яке говорить: "прибрано Завершено", при цьому передбачається, що він повідомив вас про те, скільки даних було видалено, а також про те, який загальний обсяг простору тепер повинен залишатися доступним на носії вашої середовища управління Mac.

Uninstall VirtualBox from Mac Completely

І навпаки, якщо ви не наважуєтеся використовувати складний підхід до видалення, навіть якщо ви успішно видалили додатки за допомогою згаданих вище методів, ви можете вибрати автоматичний варіант, який зазвичай допоможе вам досягти бездоганного видалення.

Оскільки це не більше ніж результат, а не трудомісткий, важкий підхід, що складається з декількох етапів, повинно було бути визначено, що було б краще використовувати автоматизовану процедуру для видалення такого небажаного програмного забезпечення.


As been tackled into this article was all about how to uninstall VirtualBox on Mac. Alongside different ways to uninstall the VirtualBox on your Mac such as using the Terminal app, or perhaps the Finder, we also introduce to you how to do it with just a few clicks with this super handy automated uninstaller which was the Деінсталятор PowerMyMac.

This tool has beat many uninstallers that were available in the market, it has been used since then because it just really just uninstall an app but also removes all remnants and leftovers of the app which you have just uninstall on. We hope that this article will be then a big help to you. Have a purposeful week ahead.

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