Little space что это


namjoon sits next to jeongguk on the couch and looks over at taehyung, who's sitting on the floor while drawing random shapes with crayons.

NAMJOON: jeongguk, what's been up with taehyung lately?
JEONGGUK: he's just been in littlespace a lot lately; he's really comfortable with all of you so i'm not as surprised
TAEHYUNG: daddy! daddy look!
JEONGGUK: what is it angel?
TAEHYUNG: it's you 'n me with our hyungs!


It is a mindset where an adolescent (mostly from 12 up) falls into (accidental or purposely) to escape from a mental illness or they fall into it because of childhood trauma.

The little can sometimes watch a show for children or something that soothes them. They also act like a child and they can spell a lot of things wrong (depending on what age they’re most like in littlespace)

Little space что это


Littlespace is when an adult identifies they feel more naturally youthful, immatured, or childish by personality than their peers. This may be identified through general personal evaluation and reflection when comparing themselves to peers or by received comments of biological peers. Intentionally acting out these feelings of youthfulness is often through exaggerated imaginative, playful roleplay but isn’t necessary to act out.

The choice to roleplay out the personality trait may be in reflection of childhood memories, scenarios, or desires that were unachievable in their adolescence but that aligns with majority of their regressive interests, hobbies, activities, and responses.

An adult actively aware they feel more youthful and childish in comparison to others is referred to as “being in littlespace”. Being in littlespace may involve another adult that encourages the person to fully express their childish interests and is referred to as a Caregiver, may engage in activities viewed as childish, or may even participate in adult physically intimate interaction during their time feeling particularly childlike. While in littlespace, the individual is usually, but not always, referred to as an Adult Baby, Little, or Middle, depending on how they feel their notably unusual interests and expressions reflect a younger age-range. A standard that all people interacting and involved in the more intimate, adult scenes is that they are all of legal biological age.

In the most simplest of ways to understand, littlespace is when a person with the unique little or regression personality actively feels they’re less matured than their biological peers and may choose to express their personality more externally through exaggerated roleplay. Being a Little fluctuates as a mood, sometimes being much more apparent that the person has interests, responses, and preferences similar to that of children than other times. A Little is a fully functional adult and does not replicate fully or exactly any particular age in youth.

An adult little may be accompanied by another adult romantic partner, referred to as a Caregiver, who assumes a parental role during the Little’s regressive roleplay, may encourage their Little partner to feel comfortable discussing or expressing their feelings of youthful, and is and individual who expresses romantic love through caregiving. The Caregiver may be assigned a special name, such as Daddy or Mommy, to indicate their awareness over the situation and the parental-type care they are giving to the little adult. This caregiving, especially during times of regressive roleplay, is a form of romantic expression of love and must be met with acknowledgment, appreciation, and reciprocation in a healthy relationship or else the Caregiver may suffer from feeling used, neglected, or even abused.

Littles typically engage in multiple activities that coincide with the age they feel reflects their active feelings, interests, and desires than their biological age during a regressive mood in expressing themself or “being in littlespace”. Common activities that little adults engage in are coloring, watching cartoons designed for children, and partaking in games like hide and seek. Some little adults also modify, create, or own specialty clothing for littlespace time and dress up, wear adult diapers, or restyle their hair. A little chooses their methods to engage in littlespace so it can vary widely and is based primarily on personality and preference versus standards or commonalities.

Adult littles may also allow physically intimate interaction from their caregiver while engaging in littlespace time. If this occurs then the little adult may take a submissive role, allowing the designated caregiver to lead the scene through guidance, direction, and primary action. The Little may incorporate items such as pacifiers or stuffed animals into the physically intimate scene for their added security and comfort. Playful, faux-punishment spankings with toys such as paddles for adults may occur along with other generalized aspects involved in the restraints & Discipline / Domination & Submission / Sadism & Masochism (BeDeeSeM) lifestyle. Though it is best to keep in mind that BeDeeSeM activity is not necessarily a core component of these intimate interactions and couples may or may not identify with the BeDeeSeM community. Regression itself is not a kink or adult interest, and the partnership itself between a Caregiver and a Little is not classified as BeDeeSeM.

Adult littles are most likely to engage in littlespace roleplay while in the privacy of their own homes; however, they may bring this playful side of their unique personality with everyday interactions as a biological adult. Common littlespace activities, such as regressive arts and crafts, are considered to be a healthy way to express this well-developed personality. In essence, littlespace can be an effective way for an adult to validly express their inner-self and biologically atypical attitudes, perception, and interests. The feeling of freedom to express atypical desires and feelings can cause stress relief for many, but regression is not a substitute of professional mental healthcare and should not be used as a means to avoid expectations and responsibilities as an unimpaired adult.

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How To Get Into Little Space Without A Caregiver

Getting into little space is a therapeutic way to relieve stress , and leave your adult worries behind. Little space is a state of mind you can freely enter that is younger than you are currently, also know as age regression.

Age regression is a helpful tool in any adult’s life, and is often overlooked as a legitimate coping method.

Often times, people will be surprised to find that they already have many quirky youthful habits that are in fact considered age regression! For example, you may enjoy watching your favorite Disney movie, especially when you’re emotionally taxed. Or, you may still cuddle with a teddy bear at night. Or perhaps you enjoy drinking your juice out of a juicebox! These are all aspects of age regression, and stem from a desire to regress back to a childlike state of mind to help soothe yourself from «big» problems and stresses.

You don’t need to have a designated “caregiver” to enjoy the benefits of regression or little space! There are innumerable ways you can explore healthy regression activities all on your own. We’re going to explore a list of 20 youthful and exciting ways to get you into that little headspace FAST!

1. Coloring books!

There’s a reason adult coloring books are gaining popularity again. What’s more youthful than coloring a pretty picture in either a children’s coloring book, or an adult coloring book! There’s also scientific evidence proving the validity of coloring as a stress relieving and therapeutic practice. Not into coloring books, why not freestyle in the bath with these bath crayons? They wash right off the walls with water!

2. Baths with bubbles or bath bombs!

Who doesn’t love a cozy bubble bath? When we’re young, that’s all we had! Draw yourself a warm bath and throw in some deliciously scented bath salts, bath bombs, or use your favorite bubbles! Bonus little space points if you bring some cute bath toys in the bath with you, like these ones we carry!

3. Sucking on a pacifier/binkie!

Don’t knock it util you try it. Not only are adult sized pacifiers truly aesthetically pleasing and adorable, but you’ll be surprised how calming and fun they are. The ones we carry have true-to-size adult nipples and mouth guards so they look absolutely perfect on an adult face! Plus, they don’t have any nasty BPA or chemicals like most others do! We have DOZENS of styles and styles to choose from here.

4. Watching classic children’s movies or cartoons!

Do you have a favorite childhood cartoon or movie? Disney movies from your childhood are a perfect way to explore little space and quickly regress you! Don’t restrict yourself to movies or cartoon from your past though, you can always watch fun new cartoons and TV shows like paw patrol, octonauts, my little pony, and more!

5. Blowing bubbles!

Blowing bubbles is such a fun thing to do, no matter your age. Go to your local dollar store and pick up a big jug of bubbles and some wands, and play away! If you do it outside, I guarantee you will bring others joy as well!

6. Wearing a traditional adult onesie!

Wearing onesies with the traditional snap crotch and youthful prints is a great way to get into little space quickly. Not only will you look cute as heck, but it will regress you to a much simpler time! We carry DOZENS of unique and gorgeous styles here, including may plus size ones!

7. Wearing diapers!

Bonus points if you pair that adult onesie with a super cute adult diaper! We carry many adult sized reusable diapers so that you don’t have to worry about wasting your hard earned cash on disposables. Plus, saving the environment is cool, baby! You don’t have to actually use the diaper if you aren’t comfortable with that, but many ABDL (Adult Baby Diaper Lovers), find using a diaper very soothing. In fact, many within the community find it allows them to sleep much better at night too, whether they actually pee in them or not!

8. Baking cupcakes & decorating them!

Chances are when you were young you loved helping your mom or caregiver bake cupcakes and decorate them! Why not enjoy that again today? Get creative, and make yourself a tasty little space treat!

9. Lullabies at bedtime!

Lullabies are a wonderfully soothing way to wind down at bed time, or nap time, and help you not only get into little space, but also relieve stress and make you sleepy! Bonus points if you listen to your lullabies in sweet little bunny ear headphones like these.

10. Nap time, especially with stuffies!

Speaking of sleeping, what’s more youthful than naps? When we’re young we took naps all the time. Engaging in that simple little act now is very «little» and soothing, plus, naps are healthy!

11. Teaparty or cuddle time with your stuffies!

You’re never too old to play pretend. Set up your favorite kawaii stuffed animals and have a make believe tea party. The best part? You can actually drink the tea. 😉 Bonus point if you make and drink tea out of this genuine mrs potts ceramic beauty & the beast teaset.

12. “Little space foods”!

13. Dressing youthful in kawaii clothing!

Traditional kawaii clothing, like the clothing we sell in our shop, is very youthful, innocent, flattering, and adorable. Plus, you can wear it out and nobody will know the difference. Lolita fashion is also highly regressive in it’s style. You’ll be feeling cute and little, and the world will admire you for your fashion sense. Check out our entire kawaii clothing collection here!

14. Create a designated floor space for being little!

Getting down on the floor, like one would if you were a baby, is a great way to start feeling little. Crawl around on a cute and soft terry play mat like this one, set up some toys like these, and enjoy!

15. Blanket forts or play tents

Create a classic blanket and pillow fort, or invest in a beautiful pre-made play tent that you can store all your little space gear in! We highly recommend these affordable adult-ready play tents!

16. Put a canopy on your bed!

Put a delightful mosquito net, or canopy over your bed will instantly make you feel smol and precious! A traditional accessory in baby nurseries and kids bedrooms, there’s no reason you can’t rock a beautiful one like this in your room today!

17. Babble or baby talk

Babbling to yourself therapeutically or talking like a toddler or baby is a great way to regress. You don’t have to be talking to anyone but yourself. As you’re playing or going about your day, speak to yourself like a little one to remind yourself that life isn’t so serious, and you can forget your big worries for awhile.

18. Play dress up!

Playing dress up is such a common activity when we’re younger, and as we get older, we start calling is cosplay! It’s fun, plus it bodes well for cute photoshoots. Dress up like a cute little kitty cat, like with this lingerie inspired set, or a baby bunny with this beautiful bunny onesie!

19. Use youthful dinnerware & cutlery!

Using traditional melamine and plastic cutlery and dinner plates or bowls is a great way to get into little space. Bonus age regression points if you pair it with a bunch of little space foods. We absolutely LOVE these complete sets here for adults.

20. Jump & crawl on your bed!

What’s more youthful than jumpers and crawing around on your bed like a little worm! It’s fun, therapeutic, and heck, it could be considered exercise right?

As you can see my little ones, there’s so many unique and simple ways to explore little space without the need for a caregiver. You can be smol and sweet and precious, all by yourself, and gain all the benefits of age regression without a partner!


This is really comforting for some reason, it’s really nice to know that so many other people do this and think that way, for me I’m still learning what all of it is but I find it very comforting especially with my autism which makes me not dealing with changes and adult stuff very well, I’m really happy to find a place that can bring me comfort and let me be childish like I want to be thank you

Thank u so much u guys rock

This brought so much clarity and healthy truth to age regression and little space without all the sexual stigma thank you so much. Unfortunately, i don’t have a caregiver though I desperately need one. The discovery of little space and age regression as a POSITIVE coping mechanism has changed my life. Sadly, i’ve spent years a victim of PTSD age regression, which isn’t planned and can happen just like that at the least opportune times if a trigger hits just right. Little space decreased my unexpected/unwanted age regression enormously and i actually feel the relief. I have a problem though. As someone with severe PTSD, anxiety, depression, and a slew of other psychological pains, I can’t seem to keep myself in little space without a caregiver to at least try to help. I end up falling back out because my mind is a racing tornado of paranoia, health-risking stress, and looming responsibility.
I have most of the things on this list covered (based on what i prefer) whether they’re items, activities, etc… but does anyone have any tips on how to stay little when it’s imperative that you do? I need it so bad it’s painful and starting to affect me 24/7. I’d take any suggestions.
Alex, 24, non-binary, he/him, little age: 4-7, ranging from princesses/ponies to dinos/action figures and just about everything in between

Thank you for such a wonderful article. You answered many of my questions mostly about the abbreviations. And I love “little” clothing too. I have a girlfriend who has many » little » tendencies. I don’t think she is even aware of. It will be interesting trying to introduce little age play to her. Do you have any advice or know how I should approach the subject with her.

I’ve been regressing for about two years but I never had a word for it until recently as I thought that Little Space was only a kink and i’m asexual. As I looked into it more I found SFW Little Space and I love it so much. I’m so glad there is a community of people like me. I like regressing before going to sleep with the help of Nimja Hypnosis on YouTube!! I also love my BT21 Cooky pillow when I’m Little. I’ve also grown very fond of being called “bunny” or “little prince.”

Such a helpful article!! Will be saving this and so many awesome ideas for my little space. I have a few ideas but this helped me gather more ideas because I don’t have a daddy. All the daddy’s I’ve found turned out to be fake and mean so I’m patiently waiting for the right daddy to take me as his little. Thanks again for the helpful article _

Thank you this helps me, ive been into this for a few months now an didnt really know how to regress, I have so much stress and stuff. When I first found out about ddlg it just stood out made me exited and I did some research and realized how much I’m carefree, act like a child, and talk like one too and even after knowing that I was trying to force myself into it but reading this I found easier ways just to make me relax. Thank you.

I’m brand new and I mean BRAND NEW to the concept of being little. I live with my parents and I can’t tell them, they’d never accept it. I’m mentally and physically disabled and I don’t have a partner. I feel so lost. I don’t know what to do. Please help me.

This is great, I’m in a long distance relationship and have been for over 4 years now. I see him more often now that I’m 18 but I have little tendencies and these help so much. My main one is sleeping with a teddy bear I got him and it puts me right to sleep. These really help a lot of people cope and I appreciate your site, I really hope to buy from here in the near future!

This is such a helpful article. I’ve never seen anyone go into so much detail with so many ideas .I’m bookmarking it and will be using it as ideas to get into little space since I don’t have a daddy right now. </3 Thanks for reminding us it’s okay not to have a cg and it’s okay to just be little! HUGS

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